Smith, Sally

Sally Smith
b: 1818
d: 1899
Thomas C. Hennessee is a son of G. C. and Sallie (Smith) Hennessee, of Warren County, Tenn., who emigrated to Wright County, Mo., in 1842, where Thomas was born March 20, 1844. In 1863 the family moved to Arkansas and located in Lawrence County, where the father died in 1880. He served in the Confederate army through the war, and was one of the raiders under Price during that general''s daring exploits. The family consisted of four sons and three daughters, who grew to mature years, of whom two brothers and three sisters are yet living. Thomas C. Hennessee remained with his father on the farm until the latter joined the Confederate army, in 1861. In 1862 he enlisted in the Second Missouri Battalion of Cavalry, and served in that company until the close of the war. He was paroled and discharged at [p.794] Shreveport, La, on May 10, 1865, and returned to his home in Lawrence County. During his career in the army Mr. Hennessee has, no doubt, seen about as much fighting, and also done fully as much as any soldier at that period. He took part in the fights at Poison Springs, Marks'' Mill, Jenkins'' Ferry, and a great many skirmishes and fights of lesser note, but equally as hot as their predecessors. When he first joined the army, the battalion of which he was a member was composed of 476 men, and out of that number only seventy-four lived through the horrors of war to be paroled at its close. Mr. Hennessee received a gun-shot wound in one of his limbs, which disabled him for a time; and, on another occasion, was wounded by one of the guards, after being taken a prisoner, while walking over a log to cross a creek. On December 21, 1865, he was married to Miss Levira Bagley, of Arkansas, and then settled to a farm life with his bride. He came on his present place in December, 1870, and has cleared up about 160 acres, and built a fair house, out-buildings and all necessary adjuncts, besides a small orchard of well selected fruits. He also owns another farm of 187 acres, with about sixty acres cleared up and a comfortable house built upon it, owning altogether some 400 acres of rich bottom land, situated about five miles northwest of Walnut Ridge. Mr. Hennessee was electedjustice of Cache Township in 1874, and held the office continuously for twelve years. He is a Democrat in politics, and a strong adherent to the principles and doctrines of his party. Both he and hiswife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and Mr. Hennessee is also a member of the Knights and Ladies of Honor. They have had five children born to them, all living. Their names areMartha, wife of J. S. Childers; Laura, wife of W. G. Duty; Joseph G., John H. and Sallie Anna. Mr. Hennessee started in life, after the war, without a dollar, and has accumulated his fine property byindustry, economy and good management, and is now one of Lawrence County''s solid men and enterprising citizens
  • 1818 - Birth - ; Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
  • 1899 - Death -
  • 1818 - Alternate Birth -
William Smith
26 JAN 1782 - 26 AUG 1881
Sally Smith
1818 - 1899
Obidian Jennings
1777 - 1830
Rutha Jennings
6 JAN 1796 - 9 JAN 1878
Elizabeth Dodson
1776 - MAY 1850
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Smith
Birth26 JAN 1782NC
Death26 AUG 1881 Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Marriage1810to Rutha Jennings at Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
FatherLarkin Smith
PARENT (F) Rutha Jennings
Birth6 JAN 1796Clairborne Co., Tennessee, USA
Death9 JAN 1878 Shellsford Cemetery, Warren , Tennessee, United States
Marriage1810to William Smith at Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
FatherObidian Jennings
MotherElizabeth Dodson
MHarrison Buck Smith
Birth8 JAN 1811Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death17 JUL 1887Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Marriage1844to Virginia Marcenia Harrison at TN
FTabitha Smith
Birth5 JUL 1812TN
Death1 OCT 1884TN
MObediah Smith
Birth27 JAN 1816TN
Death27 NOV 1857TN
MFrank Smith
Birth1818Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death1907Texas, Missouri, United States
FSally Smith
Birth1818Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Marriageto Gideon C. Hennessee
MIsaiah Isaac Smith
Birth28 OCT 1822Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death15 SEP 1826Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
FLourania Smith
Birth10 FEB 1828Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death16 DEC 1897Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
FMaranda Ann Smith
Birth11 FEB 1830Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death12 DEC 1913Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
MWilliam Acy Smith
Birth23 SEP 1832Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death27 JUL 1852Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
FMartha Smith
Birth19 NOV 1834Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death5 JAN 1880Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
MJames Van Buren Smith
Birth4 MAR 1837McMinnville, Warren, Tennessee, USA
Death4 JAN 1929New Baden, Robertson Co., TX
FMyra Jane Smith
Birth13 FEB 1825Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Death16 JAN 1907Ryan, Jefferson Co., OK
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Gideon C. Hennessee
Birth1820Tennessee, United States
Death1880 Lawrence, Arkansas, United States
Marriageto Sally Smith
FatherThomas Hennessee
PARENT (F) Sally Smith
Birth1818Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Marriageto Gideon C. Hennessee
FatherWilliam Smith
MotherRutha Jennings
MWilliam Franklin Hennessee
Birth1848Missouri, United States
Death1910Arkansas, United States
Marriageto Rachel Mersinda Rhea
MThomas Hennessee
Birth20 MAR 1844Wright Co., Missouri, USA
Descendancy Chart
Sally Smith b: 1818 d: 1899
Gideon C. Hennessee b: 1820 d: 1880
William Franklin Hennessee b: 1848 d: 1910
Sarah Calender Hennessee b: 1873 d: 1964
Elbert Jerimiah McGee b: 1876 d: 1946
Jim Duddly McGee b: 2 MAY 1902 d: 5 APR 1978
Verna Sylvania Toy b: 14 JAN 1908 d: 1986
Brancie R. McGee b: 1912 d: 1953
Brooke McGee b: 1906
Dovie Sis McGee b: 1901 d: 1953
Charles Dewey Toye b: 1903 d: 1987
Addie Elizabeth McGee b: 23 NOV 1903 d: 29 DEC 1978
Clarence Robert Allen b: 20 DEC 1901 d: 12 JAN 1972
Thomas Clarence Allen b: 2 DEC 1934 d: 23 DEC 2013
Gregory Allen b: 21 DEC 1966 d: 11 FEB 2000
Elizabeth Ann Dunn b: 31 JUL 1968 d: 23 DEC 2003
Waymon Edward Allen b: 29 OCT 1928 d: 16 FEB 2000
Mary Hennessee b: 1876
Thomas Hennessee b: 1871
Moses Hennessee b: 1878
Thomas Hennessee b: 20 MAR 1844