Skaggs, Moses

Moses Skaggs
b: ABT 1733
d: 1805

Moses died in 1799, Green Co., KY without leaving a will; with no children of h is own. Court file #3871. Courts searched for his sister and brothers to settle estate - 1799-1837. Information Submitted to Yates Publishing from Linda LA Fo rce,
8161 Molokai Way, Fair Oaks CA 95628; date submitted October 9, 1984.
N otes for MOSES SKAGGS:
From the Green County Review, Vol 1#3, April 1978
The deposition of William Ratliff taken at the house of William
Skaggs on Aleck Fo rk of Pitmans Creek pursuant to notice on the
17 of April 1836, to be read as evidence on the trial of a suit in
Chancery now pending in the Green Circuit C ourt, in which Aaron
and Jeremiah Lewis are complainants and William Calvin, C harles
Blevins and others are defendants.
The deponent being of lawful age an d first being duly sworn
deposeth and says I was acquainted with Moses Skaggs of Green
County Kentucky. he had four sisters, to wit Susannah who married
on e Richard Witt;; Lydia who married Mathias Harman; Betsy (or
Elizabeth) who ma rried John Hawkins, and Nancy who married
William Meridy - was acquainted with all of them in the sate of
VIrginia and quite intimate with them.
Question: Had Moses Skaggs or not one brother by the name of
John Skaggs
Answer: Yes, h e had
Question: Were or were not the sisters above named the only
sisters Mos es Skaggs had.
Answer: Yes, they were all I know of.
Question: State if you c an, when Moses Skaaggs died and where
he lived at the time of his death.
Answ er: I cannot say certainly when he died, but think it has bene
about fourty ye ars - he died at his house in Green County.
Question: Did or did not said Mose s Skaggs leave at his death any
Answer: He never had any children t hat I know of. he had none I
know when he died.
Question: Did or did not Rich ard Whit & wife, Mithias Harman &
wife, John Hawkins & wife live in the state of Virginia.
Answer: They did.
Question: Were you acquainted with the childre n of John Hawkins,
Hezekiah Whit & Matthias Harman.
Answer: None but the chil dren of Hawkins and one of Whit.
Question: State how long it has been since yo u was acquainted with
the above named children.
Answer: About thirty years.
Question: Was you acquainted with the brothers of Moses Skaggs,
if so name the m.
Answer: I was acquainted with Henry, James, Charles, John,
Richard and Jac ob. These were all the brothers of said Moses
Question: Did you know them in Kentucky and did they not all raise
large families.
Answer: Yes, I be lieve they did.
Question: Was you acquainted with the children of the above
n amed persons.
Answer: I was acquainted with some of them. Rachel Blevins,
Arc habol Skaggs, Thomas Skaggs & Moses Skaggs. These are
Charles Skaggs children.
Question: Was you acquainted with Henry Skaggs children and
how many of them .
Answer: I was acquainted with Lucy Stacy, Mary Combs, James
Skaggs, Lilvey Roark.
Question: Was you acquaintaed with the children of James Skaggs.
Answe r: I was acquainted with William Skaggs & Rachel Etherton
the children of Jame s Skaggs.
Question: Was you acquainted with the children of Richard Skaggs.
A nswer: I knew Henry Skaggs.
(Note: Richard Skaggs will filed in Barren County, produced in
court in 1821, names wife, Eliabeth. Children, Rhoda Phelps,
Abe dnego Skaggs, Sarah Clemins, Henry Skaggs, John Skaggs,
Elizabeth Skelly and L yddy Skaggs)
Question: Did all the children of the above named persons live in the
state of Kentucky and county of Green.
Answer: I believe they did.
Ques tion: Were you or not acquainted with the children of Jacob
Answer: H e had one sone by the name of William Skaggs who is
now living in Green County .
And further the deponent says not.
  • ABT 1733 - Birth - ; VA
  • 1805 - Death - ; Green Co., KY
Richard Skaggs
1674 - 1766
James Skaggs
1700 - DEC 1769
Mary Thear
1678 -
Moses Skaggs
ABT 1733 - 1805
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Skaggs
Birth1700Tazwell Co., VA Or Shipboard For The Americas
DeathDEC 1769 Green Co., KY
Marriage1720to Rachel Moredock Murdock at MA, MD Or VA
FatherRichard Skaggs
MotherMary Thear
PARENT (F) Rachel Moredock Murdock
BirthFincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
DeathBEF 1805
Marriage1720to James Skaggs at MA, MD Or VA
MHenry Skaggs
Birth8 JAN 1724Maryland
DeathDEC 1810Green Co., KY
MJames Skaggs
Birth1734Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
Death1811Green Co., KY
MCharles Skaggs
BirthABT 1730
Death22 JAN 1816Green Co., KY
MJacob Skaggs
Birth1741Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
DeathOCT 1830Weakly Co., TN
MAaron Skaggs
FLydia Skaggs
Birth1736Strasburg, VA
Death2 OCT 1814Dry Fork, Tazwell Co., VA
FElizabeth Skaggs
BirthABT 1740
DeathBEF 1820Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
MMoses Skaggs
BirthABT 1733VA
Death1805Green Co., KY
MRichard Skaggs
DeathBarren, Kentucky, USA
FNancy Skaggs
DeathBEF 1850
FSusannah Skaggs
BirthABT 1730SC
Death4 OCT 1797Montgomery Co., VA
MJohn Skaggs
Birth1728Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
MarriageABT 1745to Ruth Bishop at Pittsylvania Co., VA
MStephen Skaggs
MAbraham Moredock Skaggs