Skaggs, James

James Skaggs
b: 1700
d: DEC 1769
Mathias Harman, famous pioneer, scout, hunter and Indian fighter was born, it is said near Strasburg about the year 1732. His father Heinrich Harman who came from Prussia to Pennsylvania and thence to the vicinity of Strasburg while still a young man. Tias or Tice, as he was called , had several brothers and they all became hunters and rangers of the wilderness. They hated Indians and were anxious to exterminate them. Henrich Harman , his brothers Adam and Jacob and their families were among the first settlers at Drapers Meadows in 1748. From this section Matthias Harman and his associates, Michael Stoner, Casper Manserk, HENRY SKAGGS, JAMES SKAGGS, and others operated into Tennessee and Kentucky, especially the later. In 1761, a company of about twenty hunters, chiefly from Virginia came into what is now Hawkins County, Tennessee, and hunted in Carter''s Valley for about 18 months. Their names have not all been preserved; a portion of them however were Wallen, Scaggs, Blevins and Cox. Late in 1762, this party came again and hunted on the Clinch and other rivers as was also the case in 1763 when they penetrated farther into the interior, passed through the Cumberland Gap and hunted the entire season upon the Cumberland River. In 1764, Daniel Boone, now in the employ of Henderson & Co. came again to explore the country. He was accompanied this time by Samuel Callaway. After Boone and Callaway came, HENRY SCAGGINS who extended his tour to the lower Cumberland and fixed his station at Mansker''s Lick, the first exploration west of the Cumberland Mountains by an anglo-American. Records of Botetourt County Court show a Charles Skaggs appearing in court on May 15, 1772. In 1773, James and Charles Skaaggs, Richard Pemberton and John son settled Baptist Valley, five miles from where Jeffersonville now stands. In March of this same year, James Skaggs and Rachel, his wife, sold to John Plickinstavor, 78 acres for 40 pounds on Meadows Creek of New River. On August 13, 1773, Thomas Skaggs appeared on a jury. On October 26, 1773, James Skaggs and Rachel, his wife, sold to Thomas Martin 78 acres for 40 pounds on Meadow Creek of New River. On April 6, 1778, William Preston, as executor of John Buchanan(grantor) conveyed to James Skaggs, 68 acres for 24 pounds on Meadow Creek of New River in Montgomery County, Virginia. On September 13, 1778, James Skaggs sold to Albetus Brite, 100 acres for 128 pounds on the south side of the woods below the mouth of Little River. January 6, 1779, William Buchanan sold to James Skaggs 100 acres for 650 pounds on the Southside Woods of New River below the mouth of Little River. June 1, 1779, James Skaggs sold to Richard Witt, 68 acres for 280 pounds, Meadow Creek Branch of New River (no wife mentioned). August 10, 1782, Albert Brite and Susannah, his wife, sold to James Skaggs, 100 acres for 35 pounds on South Side Woods of New River below mouth of Little River. April 3, 1785, James Skaggs sold to Andrew Cassiday, 30 acres for 30 pounds in Montgomery County, Virginia. April 3, 1785 James Skaggs & Susanna his wife sold to John Ingles, 175 acres for 30 pounds on west of New River. April 3, 1785 James Skaggs & Susannah his wife sold to Hezekiah Whitt , 50 acres for 11 pounds on branch of New River. April 3, 1785 James Skaggs & Susannah, sold to Conrod Wals, 271 acres for 200 pounds on the North side of New River. May 3, 1785, James Skaggs and Susannah his wife sold to James McCo rkle, 120 acres for 330 pounds on both sides of New River. August 22, 1786, James Skaggs sold to Richard Whitt, 100 acres for 100 pounds, old Ferry Place on west side of Kank on a river. In the year of our Lord 1786, and of the commonwealth the Faith Patrick Henry, Esq.,
Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. To all to whom presents shall come greeting know ye that by virtue and i n consideration of par.. of a land office
  • 1700 - Birth - ; Tazwell Co., VA Or Shipboard For The Americas
  • DEC 1769 - Death - ; Green Co., KY
Thomas Skaggs
1640 - BEF 1740
Richard Skaggs
1674 - 1766
Ann Wollard
ABT 1640 - BEF 1740
James Skaggs
1700 - DEC 1769
Mary Thear
1678 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Richard Skaggs
Birth1674Tazwell Co., VA Or Ireland
Death1766 Kent Co., Maryland
MarriageBET 1694 AND 1699to Mary Thear at Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
FatherThomas Skaggs
MotherAnn Wollard
PARENT (F) Mary Thear
Birth1678Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
Death Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
MarriageBET 1694 AND 1699to Richard Skaggs at Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
MJames Skaggs
Birth1700Tazwell Co., VA Or Shipboard For The Americas
DeathDEC 1769Green Co., KY
Marriage1720to Rachel Moredock Murdock at MA, MD Or VA
FSusannah Skaggs
DeathBEF 1820
MThomas Skaggs
DeathBEF 1774
MAaron Skaggs
MRichard Skaggs
BirthABT 1707
Death1766Will Probated, Kent Co., MD
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) James Skaggs
Birth1700Tazwell Co., VA Or Shipboard For The Americas
DeathDEC 1769 Green Co., KY
Marriage1720to Rachel Moredock Murdock at MA, MD Or VA
FatherRichard Skaggs
MotherMary Thear
PARENT (F) Rachel Moredock Murdock
BirthFincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
DeathBEF 1805
Marriage1720to James Skaggs at MA, MD Or VA
MHenry Skaggs
Birth8 JAN 1724Maryland
DeathDEC 1810Green Co., KY
MJames Skaggs
Birth1734Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
Death1811Green Co., KY
MCharles Skaggs
BirthABT 1730
Death22 JAN 1816Green Co., KY
MJacob Skaggs
Birth1741Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
DeathOCT 1830Weakly Co., TN
MAaron Skaggs
FLydia Skaggs
Birth1736Strasburg, VA
Death2 OCT 1814Dry Fork, Tazwell Co., VA
FElizabeth Skaggs
BirthABT 1740
DeathBEF 1820Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
MMoses Skaggs
BirthABT 1733VA
Death1805Green Co., KY
MRichard Skaggs
DeathBarren, Kentucky, USA
FNancy Skaggs
DeathBEF 1850
FSusannah Skaggs
BirthABT 1730SC
Death4 OCT 1797Montgomery Co., VA
MJohn Skaggs
Birth1728Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
MarriageABT 1745to Ruth Bishop at Pittsylvania Co., VA
MStephen Skaggs
MAbraham Moredock Skaggs
Descendancy Chart
James Skaggs b: 1700 d: DEC 1769
Henry Skaggs b: 8 JAN 1724 d: DEC 1810
James Skaggs b: 1734 d: 1811
Charles Skaggs b: ABT 1730 d: 22 JAN 1816
Jacob Skaggs b: 1741 d: OCT 1830
Lydia Skaggs b: 1736 d: 2 OCT 1814
Elizabeth Skaggs b: ABT 1740 d: BEF 1820
Moses Skaggs b: ABT 1733 d: 1805
Richard Skaggs b: 1744
Nancy Skaggs d: BEF 1850
Susannah Skaggs b: ABT 1730 d: 4 OCT 1797
John Skaggs b: 1728 d: 1829
Ruth Bishop b: ABT 1728
Zachariah Skaggs b: 1749 d: 1818
Solomon Skaggs b: 1775 d: BET 1827 AND 1830
Nellie Thorpe b: 1775
Miles Skaggs b: 1822
Eliza A. b: 1826
Amanda Jane Skaggs b: 5 MAY 1856 d: 27 FEB 1945
William F. Diles b: 7 JAN 1855 d: 27 FEB 1937
Jane B. Diles b: 1880
Benjamin Franklin Diles b: 6 SEP 1884 d: 8 FEB 1929
Flora Lee Allen b: 1882 d: 1917
Macy Ellian Diles b: 12 MAY 1907 d: 24 JAN 1994
William Arthur Weaver b: 22 AUG 1907 d: 29 OCT 1965
Mary Diles b: 1908
Minnie Diles b: 1906
William Edward Diles b: OCT 1886 d: 16 FEB 1929
John Fred Diles b: 20 APR 1888 d: 10 MAY 1953
Quint James Diles b: 2 JAN 1893
Sarah Ellen Diles b: 24 SEP 1883 d: 16 NOV 1952
William James Smith b: 14 JAN 1870 d: 9 APR 1962
Stella May Smith b: 15 JAN 1908 d: 31 OCT 1989
Lily Mae Diles b: APR 1896 d: JUL 1974
Lula Alice Diles b: 1878 d: 17 MAR 1943
Ransom Alexander Allen b: 15 OCT 1875 d: 1917
Clarence Robert Allen b: 20 DEC 1901 d: 12 JAN 1972
Addie Elizabeth McGee b: 23 NOV 1903 d: 29 DEC 1978
Thomas Clarence Allen b: 2 DEC 1934 d: 23 DEC 2013
10 Gregory Allen b: 21 DEC 1966 d: 11 FEB 2000
Elizabeth Ann Dunn b: 31 JUL 1968 d: 23 DEC 2003
Waymon Edward Allen b: 29 OCT 1928 d: 16 FEB 2000
Ida Allen b: 19 JUL 1899 d: 2 JAN 1919
Charles William Andrew Beegle b: APR 1896 d: 26 MAY 1963
Carvel E. Beegle b: 10 DEC 1914 d: 17 APR 1982
Ada Mae Allen b: 19 JUL 1897 d: 2 OCT 1956
Marion Clyde Chesser b: 4 MAY 1895 d: 30 NOV 1967
Ina Marie Chesser b: 20 AUG 1922 d: 15 JAN 1998
Hazel Mae Chesser b: 20 JAN 1920 d: 4 MAR 1999
Raymond Chesser b: 27 JAN 1917 d: 9 JAN 1992
10 Anna Mae Chesser b: 4 MAY 1944 d: 12 JAN 2000
Louise Chesser b: 5 JUL 1924 d: 15 OCT 1985
Lehman Chesser b: 15 NOV 1933 d: 18 NOV 2008
Iva Allen b: 29 JUN 1911 d: MAY 1971
Amos Skaggs b: 1852
John H. Skaggs b: 1854
Allica Skaggs b: 1859
Linnie Skaggs b: ABT 1815 d: ABT 1895
John T. Skaggs b: ABT 1817
Milly E. Skaggs b: ABT 1808 d: 3 DEC 1860
Rebecca Skaggs b: 1751
Charles Skaggs b: 1750
Lucretia Skaggs b: ABT 1753 d: 1860
Richard Skaggs b: 1795
John Skaggs b: ABT 1800 d: 30 JUL 1870
Rachel Skaggs b: 1760