Skaggs, Charles

Charles Skaggs
b: ABT 1730
d: 22 JAN 1816

One of the "Long Hunters" - Charles served in the
C herokee Indian Wars under Col. Joh Chevillette
whose men mainly were from Berk eley Co SC
(1759-1760). By 1767 they were in Pitts Co VA; by
1770 in Botetour t Co VA; from when later to Green
Co KY. Charles on pay roll of Capt Alex Shaw ''s Co
under Chevilette 6 June 1760, Cherokee Expeditions.
1789 settled on Sla sh Br of Brush Ck in Green River
country on250 acres. (KSR pg 2) By 1767 Charl es
Skaggs was in Pitts Co VA. By 1770 he was in
Botetourt Co VA.
"Long Hunters of the Skin House Branch", Burdette &
Burley 1970
Colonial So ldiers of the south, M.J. Clark, Gen. Publ
Co 1983, p 913
Virginia Tax Record s (VA Mag of History &
Biography, Wm & Mary Qtrly & Tylers Qtrly) pg 315
Tith ables of Pittsylvania Co VA 1767.
Notes of Karen Neuforth.
Charles died in 18 16. His will is recorded Green
County, Kentucky, WB1, p.137
In the name of Go d amen, I Charles Skaggs citizen of
Green County Kentucky considering the mort ality of
humane nature and that it was appointed for all men
once to die and after committing my body to the
ground and my soul to God who gave it, I make and
constitute this instrument of writing whereunto my
name is subscribed to be my last will and testament,
revoking all others. ...all my debts of which t here is but
few, and none of magnitude are to be paid and then
whatever there remains I will and bequeath in the
following manner, that is to say, first my wich and
desire is that my beloved wife Lucy Skaggs shall have
the use and p rofit of my whole estate real and personal
during her natural life except such part as I shall
hereafter mention, that is to say the part of the land
and p lantation whereas I now live and where on my
son Moses Skaggs now lives, on th e south side of teh
branch for him to have the use and benefit of that
previo us to the decease of his mother and at her
decease to have the hold of the lan d the reason of my
doing this is because he paid a greater part of the price
that we gave for the land, though th deed was made to
me and at the decease of my wife, my desire is to have
the whole of the land;
Item, first I wil land bequeath to my beloved son
Archibald Skaggs a negro girl called Susanna
Item, I will and bequeth to my beloved daughter
Rachel Blevenses heirs one dollar;
Item, to my beloved daughter Nancy Meredith an
equal part of my estate except such parts as I have
before mentioned and shall hereafter mention;
Item, I w ill and bequeath to my beloved son Frederick
Skaggs I will and bequeath to him his equal part,
among the other children except such paarts as is
before and hereafter shall be mentioned;
Item, to my beloved daughter Polly Gray I will and
bequeath to her heirs one dollar;
Item, to my beloved daughter Sally Robe rtson, I will
and bequeath an equal part with the others except th
eparts bef ore and hereafter will be mentioned;
Item, to my beloved son Thomas Skaggs, I will and
bequeath my negro boy called Bob and an equal part
with the other ch ildren of the property before
mentioned and my son Thomas Skaggs I will to be the
executor to my whole estate;
Item, to my beloved son Moses Skaggs, I will and
bequeath my Negro man called Sepiio and rifle gun
together with an equal part of the property not
Item, to Tempy Belcher, wife to Berry Be lcher, I will
and bequeath to her a filly called Ragged Muffin to be
hers imm ediately after my death.
Item, to Nathan Blevins, I will and bequeath two colt s,
one called Jolly and the other Jody.
In witness of which I have hereunto s et my hand this
ninth day of February in the year of Christ one
thousnad eigh t hundred and fifteen.
Tet: James..., Charles Blevins, Charity Howe, Wm.
Owens, Zachariah Nance.
At a County Court held for Green County at the
Courthouse in Greensburg on the 22nd day of January
1816,, the will of C harles Skaggs dec''d was produced
in court and pr
  • ABT 1730 - Birth -
  • 22 JAN 1816 - Death - ; Green Co., KY
Richard Skaggs
1674 - 1766
James Skaggs
1700 - DEC 1769
Mary Thear
1678 -
Charles Skaggs
ABT 1730 - 22 JAN 1816
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Skaggs
Birth1700Tazwell Co., VA Or Shipboard For The Americas
DeathDEC 1769 Green Co., KY
Marriage1720to Rachel Moredock Murdock at MA, MD Or VA
FatherRichard Skaggs
MotherMary Thear
PARENT (F) Rachel Moredock Murdock
BirthFincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
DeathBEF 1805
Marriage1720to James Skaggs at MA, MD Or VA
MHenry Skaggs
Birth8 JAN 1724Maryland
DeathDEC 1810Green Co., KY
MJames Skaggs
Birth1734Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
Death1811Green Co., KY
MCharles Skaggs
BirthABT 1730
Death22 JAN 1816Green Co., KY
MJacob Skaggs
Birth1741Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
DeathOCT 1830Weakly Co., TN
MAaron Skaggs
FLydia Skaggs
Birth1736Strasburg, VA
Death2 OCT 1814Dry Fork, Tazwell Co., VA
FElizabeth Skaggs
BirthABT 1740
DeathBEF 1820Tazwell Co., Virginia, USA
MMoses Skaggs
BirthABT 1733VA
Death1805Green Co., KY
MRichard Skaggs
DeathBarren, Kentucky, USA
FNancy Skaggs
DeathBEF 1850
FSusannah Skaggs
BirthABT 1730SC
Death4 OCT 1797Montgomery Co., VA
MJohn Skaggs
Birth1728Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
MarriageABT 1745to Ruth Bishop at Pittsylvania Co., VA
MStephen Skaggs
MAbraham Moredock Skaggs