Rhea, Moses

Moses Rhea
b: 1770
1807 - Warren Co formed from White Co Tennessee

1812 Warren Co, Tennessee Tax List of John Hammons
A List of the taxable inhabitants taken by John Hammons, Esqr. (Page 10 continued)
67 Moses Rhea
68 John Rhea (son of Moses)

Chronology of Records Combs &c. Families of Warren County, Tennessee

1820 US Census Warren Co. TN
Moses Rhea M = 010101 F = 02101

Warren County Tennessee Jail Petition, ca1820
Rhea, Moses
Pace, Edward
Cunningham, John

Moses RHEA''S sister, Phebe md. Elijah DRAKE

19th of March 1830, Moses Rhea, father of Obediah Rhea (later of Greene County, Arkansas) made his will. In this will Moses Rhea mentions his wife, Hannah Ritter Rhea; his daughter, Polly Hubbert; a son, Joseph; a daughter, Jane Cambell; a daughter, Susannah Sims; a son, James; a son, John; a son, William; and a son, Alfred. A grandson of Moses Rhea, also named Moses, is also mentioned. This younger Moses Rhea was the son of Obediah. This will was witnessed by Leroy Braly, Thomas Martin, and Alfred Braly. From http://www.couchgenweb.com/arkansas/greene/v1p_s.txt FATHERS OF THE RIDGE, Vol. I by George W. Rowland. Copyright 1978 by George W. Rowland. Printed by College Bookstore and Press, Route 4, Box 196, Paragould, Arkansas 72450

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Now in Session: We your Humble petitioners living at some distance from a Justice of the peace and there being only one in the Captain''s Company in which we your petitioners reside, we therefore humbly pray that you will appoint Mr. John Foreman to the office of a Justice of the Peace for the County of Warren in Capt. Samuel Dial''s Company, for which we your humble petitoners will forever pray. [Located at the TN State Archives and brought to attention by Coffee Countian Betty Bridgewater]
Rea, Moses p. 2
Rhea, Lewis p. 1
  • 1770 - Birth - ; Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
John Rhea
ABT 1700 -
John M. Rhea
1739 - 16 FEB 1813
Moses Rhea
1770 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John M. Rhea
Death16 FEB 1813 Rocky River, Van Buren, TN, USA
Marriageto Mary Bolling
Marriageto Mary Gray
FatherJohn Rhea
MotherHannah Hastey
PARENT (F) Mary Bolling
Marriageto John M. Rhea
MMoses Rhea
Birth1770Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Marriageto Hannah Ritter
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Moses Rhea
Birth1770Warren Co., Tennessee, USA
Marriageto Hannah Ritter
FatherJohn M. Rhea
MotherMary Bolling
PARENT (F) Hannah Ritter
Marriageto Moses Rhea
MObadiah Rhea
Death1855Arkansas, United States
Marriageto Elizabeth Emma Littlepage
Descendancy Chart
Moses Rhea b: 1770
Hannah Ritter b: 1770
Obadiah Rhea b: 1790 d: 1855
Elizabeth Emma Littlepage b: 1790 d: 1871
Moses Boling Rhea b: 1822 d: 1893
Sara C. Lamb b: 1827 d: 1867
William Franklin Hennessee b: 1848 d: 1910
Sarah Calender Hennessee b: 1873 d: 1964
Elbert Jerimiah McGee b: 1876 d: 1946
Jim Duddly McGee b: 2 MAY 1902 d: 5 APR 1978
Verna Sylvania Toy b: 14 JAN 1908 d: 1986
Brancie R. McGee b: 1912 d: 1953
Brooke McGee b: 1906
Dovie Sis McGee b: 1901 d: 1953
Charles Dewey Toye b: 1903 d: 1987
Addie Elizabeth McGee b: 23 NOV 1903 d: 29 DEC 1978
Clarence Robert Allen b: 20 DEC 1901 d: 12 JAN 1972
Thomas Clarence Allen b: 2 DEC 1934 d: 23 DEC 2013
Gregory Allen b: 21 DEC 1966 d: 11 FEB 2000
Elizabeth Ann Dunn b: 31 JUL 1968 d: 23 DEC 2003
Waymon Edward Allen b: 29 OCT 1928 d: 16 FEB 2000
Mary Hennessee b: 1876
Thomas Hennessee b: 1871
Moses Hennessee b: 1878