Golden, Martha Ann

Martha Ann Golden
b: DEC 1876
Found with father in ED 48 Sheet 3
Found with husband in ED 107 Sheet 4B
Found with husband in ED 112 Sheet 8B
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  • DEC 1876 - Birth - ; Missouri, United States
  • 1880 - Census - ; Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA; Census: Federal
  • 1900 - Census - ; Elevenpoint, Randolph, Arkansas, USA; Census: Federal
  • 1910 - Census - ; Wiley, Randolph, Arkansas, USA
Thomas Hutson Golden
25 OCT 1855 - 4 APR 1925
Lydia Ann Tucker
14 NOV 1830 - 27 FEB 1917
Mary Elizabeth Winchester
12 JAN 1855 - 4 JAN 1933
Mary Berthena Ferguson
BET 1822 AND 1828 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Hutson Golden
Birth25 OCT 1855Tennessee, United States
Death4 APR 1925 Randolph, Arkansas, United States
Marriage23 FEB 1876to Mary Elizabeth Winchester at Dent, MO
FatherHenry Alexander Golden
MotherLydia Ann Tucker
PARENT (F) Mary Elizabeth Winchester
Birth12 JAN 1855Greene, Arkansas, USA
Death4 JAN 1933 Randolph, Arkansas, United States
Marriage23 FEB 1876to Thomas Hutson Golden at Dent, MO
FatherDaniel Winchester
MotherMary Berthena Ferguson
MThomas Daniel Golden
Birth4 MAY 1886Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA
Death10 MAR 1966Twin Lakes Nursing Home, Mountain Home, Baxter, Arkansas, USA
FLydia Berthena Golden
Birth1878Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA
Death13 DEC 1938Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas, United States
FMelinda Jerusha Victoria Golden
Birth10 APR 1880Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA
Death24 FEB 1944Gatewood, Missouri, USA
Marriage17 JUL 1899to Peter Simpson Tyler at Randolph, Arkansas, United States
FMalissa C. Golden
Birth14 SEP 1882Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA
Death18 OCT 1963
FDora G. Golden
Birth10 APR 1884Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA
Death9 NOV 1971Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas, United States
MWilliam Jasper Golden
Birth14 JUL 1889Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri, USA
Death8 JUL 1959
MJames Hutson Golden
Birth30 JUN 1894Myrtle, Missouri, USA
Death1968V.A. Hospital, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
FLiza Golden
BirthABT 1900
DeathBEF 1910
FMartha Ann Golden
BirthDEC 1876Missouri, United States
Marriage1894to Andrew Holloway
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Andrew Holloway
BirthFEB 1873Missouri, United States
Death1923 Arkansas, United States
Marriage1894to Martha Ann Golden
FatherPreston M. Holloway
MotherMary Payne
PARENT (F) Martha Ann Golden
BirthDEC 1876Missouri, United States
Marriage1894to Andrew Holloway
FatherThomas Hutson Golden
MotherMary Elizabeth Winchester
MJames Greenberry Hollaway
Birth3 AUG 1898
DeathJUN 1984Arkansas, United States
Marriage8 AUG 1915to Gracie Belinda Rowe at Randolph, Arkansas, United States
FLilly Hollaway
BirthABT 1901Arkansas, United States
Death3 AUG 1990Malvern, Hot Spring, Arkansas, United States
Marriage15 APR 1917to Harry Samuel Dawson at Clark, Arkansas, United States
FAlice Hollaway
BirthABT 1908Arkansas, United States
MJohn Hollaway
MBunk Hollaway
BirthABT 1905Arkansas, United States
Marriageto ?
MTom Hollaway
FIvory Hollaway
MRussell Hollaway
BirthABT 1912Arkansas, United States
Marriageto Caldora Turner
Descendancy Chart
Martha Ann Golden b: DEC 1876
Andrew Holloway b: FEB 1873 d: 1923
James Greenberry Hollaway b: 3 AUG 1898 d: JUN 1984
Gracie Belinda Rowe b: FEB 1897 d: 29 JAN 1971
Eula Mable Hollaway b: 22 DEC 1917 d: 21 SEP 2001
Robert Lee Garrett b: 21 AUG 1902 d: 12 MAY 1971
Patsy Joyce Garrett b: 15 OCT 1945 d: 3 JAN 1947
Lilly Hollaway b: ABT 1901 d: 3 AUG 1990
Harry Samuel Dawson b: 13 JAN 1896 d: 12 NOV 1979
Samuel Ray Dawson b: 1918 d: 2002
Opal M. Dawson b: 1920 d: 2012
Carlton J. Dawson b: 1923 d: 2007
Vivian B. Dawson b: 1926 d: 1989
Alice Hollaway b: ABT 1908
Bunk Hollaway b: ABT 1905
Russell Hollaway b: ABT 1912
Caldora Turner b: 1911