Cromwell, Thomas

Thomas Cromwell
b: 1485
d: 28 JUL 1540

Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, Lord High Chamberlain of England and
Henry VIII''s chief minister responsible for the dissolution of the
monasteries bought Launde for the sum of £1500. He never lived to take up
residence at Launde, being executed for treason when he lost the Royal
favour. His son, Gregory, grandfather to Lord Edward Cromwell, completed
the building of the Elizabethan Manor house on the site of the Augustan
Priory, and lived there with his wife, Elizabeth, sister of the short
lived Queen, Jane Seymour, the mother of Edward VI. There is in the
Chapel of Launde a fine Renaissance memorial to Gregory Cromwell.
  • 1485 - Birth - ; Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, England
  • 28 JUL 1540 - Death - ; Tower Hill, England
John De Cromwell
1444 - 1480
Joan Smyth
ABT 1442 -
Thomas Cromwell
1485 - 28 JUL 1540
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Walter Smyth De Cromwell
Birth1461Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Death1510 Cottage On Winbledon Green, England
Marriageto Unknown Clossop Or Glossop
FatherJohn De Cromwell
MotherJoan Smyth
PARENT (F) Unknown Clossop Or Glossop
Birth1456Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Marriageto Walter Smyth De Cromwell
FKatherine Cromwell
BirthABT 1483Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Marriageto Morgan Williams at Putney Ale, Suffolk, England
MThomas Cromwell
Birth1485Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Death28 JUL 1540Tower Hill, England
FElizabeth Cromwell
Birth1498Of Worksworth, Derbyshire, England
MHenry Cromwell