About Us

Genealogical Treasures

We are looking for the information others don’t have

We started our site for our personal use.  Because of hosting problems, we have decided to go out on our own and start fresh.

Our course started with our genealogical collect.  We have created our own library of over 3,000 books.  We have roughly 1,000 books we have created ourselves and the rest are books we have purchased in digital or bound versions.

I enjoy cemetery information and Cris enjoys funeral home records, so this is a vast majority of our collection, but there is always room for more in those specialties or others.

Dennis Allen

I am a retired firefighter and a 9 year navy vet.  I enjoy working in the cemetery, I have learned the people are less likely to talk back to me.

I am a sexton of a cemetery, I have helped other cemeteries digitize their records.  From the aspect of doing it myself to teaching them how to do it.  I have raised headstones, cleaned headstone, taught classes to clean them as well.  This is our past and it will lead us to the future.

Cris Nagla

Cris is the brains behind these treasures.  She plans it out for us and decides what we can and cannot do, I am the one that has to figure out how.

If you see one of us, most likely the other will be near.  It is nice to have a partner that enjoys what you do.